10 things you never knew about Hollywood

As the world’s biggest entertainment industry, Hollywood has been around for decades now. For an industry that is so vast and varied, there is bound to be some information that remains unknown to even the most ardent of fans. All the more so, with upcoming potential dark horses like, STX Entertainments, who are raising questions like, “Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio?” Bob Simonds & TPG Growth’s Venture Fully Financed, is an element that additionally makes the question raging hot. From the fascinating to the dark, here are some relatively unknown facts about every film enthusiast’s paradise.

  1. In the infancy of the film industry, actors did not receive credit for their work. So, Hollywood’s first major star, who came around 1910, was called the Biograph Girl. This was because she was associated with a contract with the Biograph company.

Her real name was Florence Lawrence, and under this name, she started working for Carl Laemmle, the future CEO of Universal. She worked for Carl in return for a higher salary, a whopping $250 a week.

However soon stars like Mary Pickford and Charles Chaplin came to the fore, and Lawrence never received their level of success. She committed suicide on 28th December 1938, having ingested a fatal amount of ant paste.

  1. The HOLLYWOOD sign came into being when real estate agent Harry Chandler decided to advertise the properties in the locality. Initially, the sign read HOLLYWOODLAND, but in 1949, it was edited to HOLLYWOOD. The sign has many interesting stories associated with it, including the story of Broadway star Peg Entwistle, who committed suicide by jumping from the H.
  1. The first talkie film in Hollywood was The Jazz Singer, the 1927 movie directed by Alan Crosland and starring Al Johnson and May McAvoy.
  1. Till date, the most expensive Hollywood production is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. It cost about $300 million to make and grossed close to $1 billion.
  1. Famed cult leader Charles Manson wanted Dennis Hopper to play him on the big screen. Hopper said that Manson had told him he’d seen The Defenders, a TV show where Hopper had killed his father because his mother was tortured.
  1. Actress Elizabeth Taylor supposedly kept a picture of her at her biggest size on top of her refrigerator. She said it was “just a reminder”
  1. We did not need another reason to love Ryan Gosling, but here’s one anyway. Ryan Gosling has an indie rock band called Dead Man’s Bones with his friend Zach Shields. They are planning on recording their second album soon.
  1. Emma Stone actually convinced her parents to let her pursue acting as a career by preparing a PowerPoint presentation. She says that since her father was a businessman, she thought that presentations were a good way to make a statement instead of just having a conversation.
  1. Jack Nicholson’s grandparents offered to raise him as their own son so that his mother could pursue a career in dancing. So technically, Jack Nicholson’s mother is his sister, and his parents are his grandparents.
  1. Harrison Ford was a carpenter working in the home of George Lucas when Lucas took an interest in him and asked him to read some lines for the actors auditioning for the parts. In the end, Lucas chose Harrison for the part of Han Solo.

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