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Life is full of difficulties and men have to go through different adverse situations.This causes stress, which is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. When you cannot perform in the bed, this gives birth to several new issues. This will affect your confidence level; this may bring issues in your relationship. There are different types of sexual dysfunction. In order to deal with this situation you have to identify the situation so that you can get the right treatment. Here are a couple of common forms of sexual dysfunction.

No desire for sexual activity

When a person is suffering from low libido, erectile dysfunction is inevitable.If you do not have any desire to make sexual relation , then you need to find out what is the reason responsible for your disinterest. Generally, it is common in those men who are suffering from stress and anxiety. People who are diabetic or living a sedentary lifestyle are likely to suffer from the reduced production of testosterone. When a person is depressed, his hormonal secretions are disturbed and body stops the production of necessary hormones. This is also an age related issue, but the best thing is you can deal with this by applying natural ways and taking the right medication.


Erectile dysfunction

If you have an erection, but are unable to maintain it, then it may be because of psychological as well as physical reasons. Physical reasons are nerve damage and improper blood supply. Diabetic people are most likely to suffer from this condition. In most of these conditions, medicines can cure ED.

As far as psychological reasons are concerned, you can treat it by a healthy discussion over the same subject. Your psychiatrist will find out the origin of your problem and then he will tell you these strategies to overcome the same situation. You can also take certain drugs to treat this condition and the most common is αγορά Viagra.

Pre-mature ejaculation

This happens when a man reaches orgasm too early. This is anembarrassing situation for men because right after starting their lovemaking, it all ends with the ejaculation. This brings frustration in women as well as men. This will give birth to other psychological issues. You need to visit sexologist at the earliest to deal with this situation. Many times premature ejaculation happens because of poor excitement. Your physician will guide you about the techniques as how to stop your ejaculation. There are several points in your pelvic region on which you can apply pressure to stop the premature ejaculation.

Weakening of internal nerves cause the same situation and you can improve it by doing kegel exercises.

Excessive pre cum

In this kind of condition, you will see a discharge. This is also known as pre-ejaculation. This is a favorable environment for the transfer of sperms. People who do not use protection during sex and suffer from this condition are supposed to take care because it may lead to unwanted pregnancy. This happens because of the weak valves of the glands. They get weak because of low testosterone level in the body. This condition can be cured by enhancing the production of testosterone by using αγορά Viagra.