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5 Health Conditions Massages Can Help Treat

Whether you are suffering from physical or emotional health problems, massage therapy will be of great help. It has a lot of health and wellness benefits that’s why a lot of 24 hour massage spas offer this service. According to studies, a massage not only brings health benefits but can also treat a number of diseases. It can reduce your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, alleviate stress, and improve blood circulation. What’s more is that it can increase endorphins and relax muscles.

Regardless of your ailment, massage will surely help improve your wellbeing. But, massage is highly effective in some conditions. It can reduce the symptoms and help with speedy recovery. Read on to know what these health conditions are:

Health Conditions Massages

Depression and anxiety

Massage can help those people who suffer from depression and anxiety. According to WebMD, a lot of studies prove that massage can help with anxiety and depression since it lowers the body’s cortisol levels. In a study by American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage help lowered cortisol by up to 53% of people experiencing anxiety. That’s why regular massage therapy allows you to have a relaxed state of mental awareness, leading to a positive attitude. In case you are experiencing stress, depression, or anxiety, it is best to visit a 24 hour massage spa to improve your mental health.


Massage helps you relax so it is an advisable way to reduce various pain conditions. Whether it is pain from a minor injury or caused by surgery, a relaxing massage can help in alleviating body pain. Research even claims that massages are ideal for people who experience lower back pain. This is because massage therapy are good for blood flow to painful parts of your body. Through this method, your body releases natural painkillers, eliminating discomfort.


There are many factors why we experience headaches. It could be due to eye problems, stress, anxiety, allergy, or even other health conditions. With massage, it will be easier to ease pain and tension that are causing your headache. In fact, massage can even help you avoid headache altogether. Studies confirm that those who undergo massages regularly experience fewer chances of headache or migraine.

Strain injuries

Getting a massage can reduce symptoms of repetitive strain injuries. For instance, you can get a massage to avoid loss of sensation, tenderness, throbbing pain, or tingling sensation. These repetitive health issues may be due to the overuse a group of muscles that maintain a certain position for a long period of time. For example, if your work requires you to stand for hours, sit in front of your computer to finish many tasks or lift heavy materials, then you may be experiencing repetitive strain injury like carpal tunnel syndrome. Massage helps you avoid or alleviate discomfort from such health problems.


There are many studies that show how breast cancer patients improve their conditions after a massage therapy. This is due to the fact that massage reduces stress and anxiety. It can also help patients feel less pain or swelling after a surgery.

Aside from these health problems, here are other conditions that you can treat with massage.

  • Arthritis
  • Fatigue
  • Heart bypass surgery recovery
  • Sports injuries
  • Hypertension
  • Stress-related health problems

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