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5 Reasons why You Should Eat More Dark Chocolate

Do they look at you each time you get a bar for yourself? They probably think that you shouldn’t because you skin is not so perfect and the love hurdles don’t look so good on you either. It is about time that you looked back at them and tell them that you know something they don’t.

If your Tax lawyer Toronto kicked your case in the ass, you could get him a dark chocolate bar. There is a reason why it is an all-time gift. Science has proved that dark chocolate, the one with 75% cocoa and less sugar contains more health benefit than you could ever imagine. Here are some:

Dark Chocolate

1.Good for your skin

 It has Flavonols which protect your skin from the effect of UV rays. Though it is not enough to skip your daily SPF recommendation, it helps. It also boosts blood flow which means that the blood flowing through your skin is more. This means that nutrients will be coming to your skin in higher doses.

One of the reasons why acne breaks out on skin is because of the increased insulin levels which trigger sebum production. Dark chocolates reduce insulin levels in blood lowering the risk of developing skin break outs.

It is also loaded with nutrients and antioxidants which keep your skin healthy while fighting free radicals and removing toxins. This will not just leave you with a mood lift, eventually, a face lift might happen.

2.Weight Loss

High sugar content is a major contributor of weight gain. The amount of sugar in a dark chocolate is very low. You don’t need to worry about gaining weight. So, how does it work? It makes you feel full reducing the amount of food you eat and snack. The fiber in it plays this role.

The flavanols also help lower blood sugar by reducing insulin amounts in your system. If done in the correct portions, it could also help reduce body fat. Due to low blood sugar, your body will start breaking down the fat stored to get energy from there.

Stress and weight gain go hand in hand. When you are stressed your cortisol levels go up encouraging you to eat more. Dark chocolate reverses that by increasing endorphin levels and serotonin which makes you feel good and relaxed and therefore you will indulge in less food.

3.Disease control

Dark chocolate increases insulin sensitivity, lowers the bad cholesterol, prevents artery clogging and also releases many beneficial nutrients. All these will protect you from heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, depression. obesity and even cancer. Its capacity to fight free radicals makes it the best weapon against a range of diseases.

4.Good brain health

Yes, your brain will thank you for it. The increased blood flow to the brain due to chocolate intake means that more nutrients will be taken to the brain for better health. This will result in better concentration and focus leading to better cognitive functions

5.Good eyesight

Carrots are not serving you well? Try the dark bar. Research has shown that those who eat more chocolates have better eye sights.


What other excuse are you waiting for? You can now indulge in chocolate responsibly and your body will thank you for it. As long as you regulate your intake amount, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for loving your bar. It is becoming the cure all magic. A chocolate a day….