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5 Ways to Cut Calories in Baking Recipes

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories. To do this, you should closely examine your baking habits. Your health will surely benefit if you can make small changes to your baked comfort food recipes.

Although you cannot make cookies calorie-free, there are ways that you can do it healthily. Here are simple ways to cut calories in your baking recipes:

Substitute white flour with whole-wheat flour

You must know that white flours are highly processed. This means that they contain little to no nutritional value. White flour is an essential ingredient in baking but you can replace it with whole-wheat flour.

A ¼ cup of whole-wheat will add 3.5 grams of fiber, phytochemicals, magnesium, and selenium. Fiber will keep you feel fuller for a longer time. It also helps slow down digestion.

Cut Calories in Baking Recipes

Reduce the fat

In quick and easy comfort food recipes, you can reduce the fatty ingredient like butter, margarine, shortening or oil by half. For instance, if a cake recipe needs 1 cup of butter, you can use a ½ cup instead. A healthy ingredient should replace the other half-cup.

There are substitute ingredients you can consider that are fat-free from sour cream to low-fat buttermilk, low-fat yogurt, light cream cheese, orange juice applesauce, and other fruit purees. The trick here is to pick an ingredient that will complement the flavor of your recipe.

Substitute the sugar

Basically, sugar is not loaded with calories but when it is consumed by the body, it will be stored as fat. You can consider zero-calorie sweeteners or natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar. If it can’t be helped, you can try reducing the refined sugar by ¼ and it will still work out. Remember that for every tablespoon you cut, you discard 48 calories.

Use egg substitute

If your recipe calls for 3-4 eggs, you need to reduce it by half or you can consider egg substitutes. For every large egg that you replace, you discard 5 grams of fats, 213 mg of cholesterol and 45 calories.

Play with portions

You will be tempted to eat more if you see that there are plenty of recipes left. When you make something, you need to cut the recipe in half so you do not live with the temptation. You can also play with the size to reduce your calorie intake.

Try making bite-size cookies for a change – just make sure that you are not indulging more than your fair share. At the end of the day, it will all boil down to discipline. It is important that you eat smaller servings. This is where fiber comes in. If you really increase fiber, it is easier to be satisfied even with a smaller portion.

Bottom line

Sometimes it is easier to lose sight of your goals because baked comfort food is very tempting. However, you should not give up because things will be easier as you go along. You have to change your lifestyle as soon as possible if you want to live healthy and happy.

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