7 Common Myths About E-Juice

E-juice or e-liquid is the main component in an e-cigarette that is responsible to form the vapour inside the tank. Over the years, there had been so many myths circulating around with the use of e-cigarette and e-juice. We have tried to accumulate and present 10 of the most of the common myths about vaping and e juice.


  1. Vaping is more addictive than smoking: Well, undoubtedly, nicotine is in fact addictive. E-cigarettes might contain nicotine, but the nicotine levels are far less than normal cigarettes. Also, they don’t deliver nicotine as efficiently as normal cigarettes do. While the thousands of chemicals and by-products make a cigarette more addictive. The only reason for the addiction of e-cigarettes can be the various flavours and the variety of mods and tanks that make vaping quite an addictive activity.
  2. Vaping is equally harmful as smoking: As we know, eliquid is composed of four ingredients: nicotine (may or may not be present), vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and artificial flavours. The only addictive and harmful chemical in these four ingredients can be the nicotine. Whereas, cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals and unknown by-products that make it hundred times more harmful for the human body than e-cigarettes. The vapers are the best proof for this. After switching to vaping from smoking, people have reported better breathing conditions, better sensitivity to smell and taste and far more endurance.
  3. Non-smokers become smokers with e-cigarettes: E-cigarettes were introduced to help smokers quit smoking. It certainly plays no role in non-smokers picking up with vaping. Although, studies show that 2% of non-smokers have tried vaping.
  4. E-cigarette is not a smoking cessation product: Every seller of e-cigarette and e juice put a statutory warning on their websites or the product package, that e-cigarette is not a smoking cessation product. Although this is a complete myth. There are scientifically proven results that show majority among the heavy smokers taking up vaping as an alternative abstain from smoking further.
  5. Vaping is risky for your health: Most of the ejuice contains nicotine which is addictive for sure just like caffeine. A high-level intake of any nicotine or any other chemical might be injurious to your health. But the composition in e juice is such that it is far from being harmful to the human body. Universities and researchers are spending so much time and effort to determine the risks involved with vaping. But nothing has been proved till now.
  6. E-cigarettes can harm your lungs: Again, this is a myth and not a fact. Ejuice contains an insignificant amount of A higher level intake of diacetyl might affect your lungs. But studies have confirmed that the amount of diacetyl present in ejuice is nominal and almost 750 times less than a regular cigarette. So, the effects would be that much lesser too.
  7. Vaping is the gateway for teens to smoke: Studies have shown that hi-schoolers and college-goers who take up vaping are unlikely to take up smoking in future and are at lower health risks than their smoking acquaintances.