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Always Carry These Beauty Essentials In Your Travel Bag

Admit to the fact that being a beauty junkie is tough. Keeping up with the latest beauty trends, experimenting with different beauty products, avoiding being stuck in a makeup rut and packing beauty essentials- to name a few. When it comes to packing beauty essentials while traveling, it’s nothing short of a daunting task. There are so many products to choose but so less space to stuff them. That is what today’s post is about. It will cover those beauty products which you must pack when you travel so that you can easily fix any mess and look your gorgeous best every day. Read further to know about them:

Beauty Essentials In Your Travel Bag

Wet wipes

When the mercury rises, even the most loyal beauty products of yours cannot stop your makeup from melting after long hours. Eyeliner traveling down the eyes and kajal smudging badly along your lower water line are some common problems. Instead of letting yourself appear as a panda, take control of the situation by making use of wet wipes. A wet wipe can erase those smudges easily after which you can re-touch up your eyes.


Concealer is your sure shot ticket for getting out of the door with more than a presentable face. One of the major reasons which make your face look dull is because of the look of your heavy dark circles. Use concealer under eyes for a fresh look. For spot correction, apply concealer only on areas where you need coverage and then follow up with a loose powder to lend it extra staying power. And you are done! Tada! By using Nokia coupons, you can shop from a variety of concealers and that too at discounted prices with the bonus of Cashback.

Deodorant stick

This should go without saying! Looking good will not exactly matter if you smell bad. An effective deodorant stick will keep odor at bay for long and help you stay fresh for long hours. Opt for one that is clear as it will not leave any stains on your white clothes. The ones that claim for providing 48 hours of odor protection are usually the most effective ones.


A vacation extended by another week can leave you extremely happy but also worried. The reason being you need to get your arms and legs shaved. Worry not when you have an epilator by your side! An epilator can help you tackle those emergency situations and leave you with clean and smooth skin. Its small size makes it extremely travel-friendly. You need not make ample of space to store it in your luggage. Plus, it’s one non-messy method.

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Face cleanser

Hotels always provide basic toiletries but if you have a skin that is sensitive, it is best to carry your own face cleanser. Do not use a harsh cleanser as it can strip off the moisture content from your face. Opt for gentle cleansers that completely remove all the dirt and grime from the face without leaving your skin stretchy.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo will help you bid goodbye to greasy hair without you making time to wash them. Spray it on your hair from an appropriate distance and see your hair gaining a little volume. The greasy shine will be eliminated from your hair to a big extent, leaving you with clean hair. So, do not forget to pack this magic potion with you when you leave for a vacation.