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An Effective Deca Durabolin Stack

DecaDurabolin or nandrolone decanoate is the most popular used anabolic steroid by the sporting community. It was first introduced in the drug market in 1962 by Organon Company.  FDA approved the use of the drug in 1983 in the United States. This steroid is in the drug market for decades and has been used by people of many ages. Deca Durabolin is used in stacks by the body builders to get the desired effect.


DecaDurabolin is a synthetic form of the naturally present hormone testosterone. This synthetically derived drug has a modification at the 19 carbon position, so it is also known as the 19-nortestosterone. The slight modification in the structure of testosterone makes it a more potent drug for use. DecaDurabolin does not contain an alkylation at the 17α carbon this makes more prone to degradation at the first metabolic cycle. Due to this reason, the injectable form of the drug is more potent. The Decanoate form of the Nandrolone makes its release slowly in the body enabling the presence of the steroid for longer duration increases the effect of the drugs. This property increases the effect of the drug enabling bulking up in bodybuilders to get the desired effect. In most cases it is not taken only rather Deca with Anadrol and Test is used in combination to get the desired effect.

Deca Durabolin Stack

The Pros and Cons of DecaDurabolin

DecaDurabolin has a higher metabolic rate even more than testosterone the parent hormone. It has lower androgenic property in comparison to naturally present testosterone.  This property makes the DecaDurabolin use more popular in the anabolic steroid family. DecaDurabolin does aromatize but at low rates, having low estrogenic activity. It increases the nitrogenous retention in the body increasing the protein synthesis cycle which effects in an increase in muscle mass of the body. It effects include increasing the bone mineral and collagen synthesis which favors healing of sore joints. Apart from use in the sporting community, this has already been used in the medical community for the treatment of anemic patients. DecaDurabolin uses to the increase in the population of red blood cells in the body. This effect is beneficial even in the case of bodybuilders as an increase red blood cell allows more oxygenated blood in the athletes preventing lactic acid deposition in the body.

DecaDurabolin Cycles

DecaDurabolin Cycle is used by men to gain an increase in the lean body mass of the body without leading to water retention. It is normally used in a period of muscle growth during the “off-season” to get the bulky physique.  The DecaDurabolin cycle is simple to follow and can be done by beginners.  In most cases, DecaDurabolin is stacked with other steroids to have the maximum effect.  In some cases stacking Deca with Anadrol and Test can give the desired effect to the body.  The combination is potent, as Anavar leads to fat loss and gain in the lean body mass along with Deca. The use of Test in combination would remove the negative effect of testosterone level suppression due to Deca.  Care should be taken before stacking steroids as misuse can lead to a number health issues.