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Are You Nervous About Dental Implant Surgery? Here Are Reasons Why You Should Not Be

Compared to other tooth restoration techniques, dental surgery is perhaps the most popular in terms of longevity and ‘real tooth’ appearance. Its longevity is due to the titanium post it contains which is often embedded to the jawbone. Since titanium is naturally compatible with the bone, it’s easy for new cells to grow around the dental implant with time and enhance the strength and durability of the connection even more.

Most people become timid when asked to choose implant surgery as a tooth replacement option. They perceive it as being painful and uncomfortable, and are also afraid of failure of compatibility. Howeverthis tooth replacement option has been proven to have a very high success rate when done by the skilled hands of dentists in Staten Island.

Dental Implant Surgery

Strategic Planning For Dental Implant Surgery Procedure

Prior to undertaking an implant surgery local dentists in Staten Island will map out placement details. This can be done using either CT imaging or X-Ray which will help to determine the exact location for the implant. The dentists will also develop a surgical guide for use during the procedure which involves making incisions and creating a small channel which will be useful in housing the implant.

Use of Anesthesia

Tooth implantation involves a very minor procedure and is actually easier than tooth extraction. Besides, the dentists in Staten Island will always ensure that you’re healthy enough to go under the knife. A local anesthetic will be used to numb the implant site and also the surrounding tissues ensuring that you’re conscious during the surgery. If you’re overly anxious about the procedure,the local dentist can further use anti-anxiety or sedative medication to ensure that you are calm and comfortable.

Little Discomfort after Implant Surgery

Most implant surgery patients are nervous because of the expectation of a painful recovery process. The surety of minimal pain past the implant surgery is in the fact that there is a pre-planned surgical guide and that the dentists Staten Island will use advanced implantation techniques for the procedure. This means that there will be minimal tissue disruption. Also, self-absorbing sutures will be used to stitch the incised tissues. All these help in considerablyreducing the amount of pain for patients. In most cases you will only need a mild non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like ibuprofen to ease the discomfort. A few cases will normally warrant for stronger pain relievers, but luckily the pain won’t last for long.

The tooth replacement implant site will normally heal rather quickly and local dentistspride in a 95-97 percent success rate. The final phase of your implantsurgery will involve the attachment of a permanent crown which will usher in years of confident smile and full functional tooth.