Best Baby Boy Blessings

The best thing that a mother can hear. A little gift from god, which brings joy and happiness to the family. A boy who might as well be the ruler of the hearts in the whole family! He has Come down from heaven as an answer to all the prayers: DCongratulate the parents on the arrival of the newborn with blessings and good wishes. Be a part of their happy times, which they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Click for some great birthday quoting.

The following is a list of some good wishes, which you can shower the newborn and his Parents with!

May the gods be grateful and bless this little bundle of joy, Congratulations

It’s time to celebrate love, it’s time to spread joy. Gods have been graceful, to bless you with a baby boy! Congratulations Now begin a new phase of your lives keep calm and enjoy happy parenting Now that you are mommy and daddy and not just husband and wife we hope you have the best time of your life! Congratulations for the baby boy And your heart got stolen from such a small little man may you shower all your love on his congratulations, it’s a boy!

Best Baby Boy Blessings

A new male member to rule your kingdom of heart may he always be your #1 congratulation Your baby boy is extremely handsome and I see a lot many broken hearts in the future congratulations The queen marks the arrival of his prince may he rule the hearts of whole kingdom congratulations It’s a new phase of your life all the mess and the crying may they be your reasons for happiness

Now is the time your home will be flushed with toys once again it’s a joyful event! Have fun and congratulations Your boy is a wonderful blessing to you keep him intact congratulations

May your son grow up to be handsome like his father and as caring and loving as his mother congratulations on the arrival of the little one!

It’s a boy! Congratulations

May all our blessings be showered upon him for good may he prosper in life

Be careful with the diapers, miss they are one messy thing congratulations ?May your son carry your name with pride congratulations

Tower bells ringing the town’s flushed with flowers and joy the birds chirping their lovely songs all welcoming the little baby boy congratulations

All your prayers have been answered god has gifted you a boy take good care of him

The baby couldn’t have got better parents! Congratulations With all the wishes you are getting for the little baby boy you probably will be overfilled with happiness I just hope you make the best out of it congratulations Now that you have a son make more companions for him brothers…and sisters…. just joking XD congratulationsMay he be all the reasons for your happiness and your pride

Little feet little hands and a big heart the baby has arrived to make you happier than ever before! congratulations My baby’s blessed with a baby may you both get all the happiness in life!

Just as your boy entered this world he became your center of the world may he shine brighter than the sun