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Blending Male Waxing Clients with Hair Lines

Most male clients remain with clear hairlines between the unwaxed and waxed areas of the body after the treatment. An ideal example is the shoulder waxing where most men wax their shoulders to follow the deltoid muscle. The exercise helps the patient to keep the hairline over the sleeve of the t-shirt. However, this may pose several challenges to clients who are hairy. There are several approaches of blending the hair line. Combining multiple approaches tends to yield the best results and more so a natural look.

Its wise to consult with the client the extend to which they would like the waxing to go before you begin the procedure. Its good to be conscious where you wear the clothes for instance the hairline for the shoulders is usually above the t-shirt. The waxing expert would also check on the back and abdomen where the customers put on their trousers. In case they are lowly cut, you will be forced to go a little further than what is considered to be normal.

Blending Male Waxing Clients with Hair Lines

The expert also looks at the region where the hair changes direction when examining your body before treatment. He will always find a good working line that he can work with. You may have the desire to leave behind a very straight line by applying strip waxing across the hair growth before removing it in the normal direction against the hair growth. You do this after you are through with the waxing body, wax the edge you would like to leave and go along with a thin line. You can straighten out the hairline with once centimeter or two.

Most people like to use this technique along the body sides. The hair grows typically towards the spine, and you can run a wax line downwards. It will give you a straight edge before removing the strips in the usual manner. Once you achieve your desired hairline, feel free to blend it in. Use your clippers at the start, before you can slightly trim the hair downwards at the line’s edge. The process will take out part of the weight and give it a better look. In case you are so hairy, the expert may suggest that you trim off part of the hair first. For instance, if you are just from a back and shoulder waxing session, you can upsell a chest trim to clean it up and give it a more natural appearance.

The use of strip wax is the second technique. In this case, you apply the wax on to the strip directly and not the body of the client. You can then fold the piece into two and press the two waxed sides together gently. It will minimize most of the stickiest wax so that you can wax directly on the hairline but you will only remove some of the hairs. You can get a reputable and highly experienced waxing salon highland ranch to take you through this process. The most important thing is to get the best results ever from the waxing experience.

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