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Cocaine Is Different

Cocaine rehab isn’t the same as just any rehab.  While every addiction takes its toll on the body and mind; it is well-known that cocaine is a “stronger” and “harder” drug than most.  Whether it’s a study of mice, or seeing the effects on a friend who was okay with drinking a little too much here and there, but who acts completely different after a bump of cocaine – anecdotal stories and scientific studies both back up the hypothesis that cocaine leads to much broader issues than just any addiction.

            Cocaine rehab also isn’t even viewed the same by the legal system.  Unlike marijuana or alcohol; cocaine possession is a much more serious crime.  Although marijuana and alcohol laws may vary from state to state – cocaine is much different.  For example, in New Orleans – a major drinking city in the United States – one can simply walk around on the street and drink, if it is in a plastic cup to ensure safety.  Similarly, in Colorado – marijuana can be consumed and bought legally, with the tax revenue even contributing to the school system there, treating marijuana as a commodity that can be taxed for a positive purpose.  Cocaine is, with good reason, viewed differently – one doesn’t consume cocaine freely and openly, and the medicinal values of cocaine are not debated or pushed forward as an argument for legalization.

Cocaine Is Different

            Cocaine rehab certainly isn’t easy.  There are areas in the world that understand that if someone isn’t terrorizing a neighbourhood by trying to distribute cocaine or part of a violent cartel – that cocaine may be a personal problem where they may not be violent or a menace to the community, but merely neglecting their personal and professional priorities to the point where it is making their life worse.  It should also be mentioned that unlike alcohol, which is available down the street at the friendly bar; obtaining cocaine may mean that you must deal with unsavoury people.  These criminals may be in the business of trying to create addicts, to keep them indebted, so that a cycle continues, that means misery for the addict, but profit for the dealer.

            Cocaine rehab also isn’t easy because the habit isn’t exactly a cheap one.  No matter how large of a marijuana addiction that you have; you would be the first person in the history of the universe to overdose from marijuana if you did.  With cocaine, unfortunately – it isn’t the same.  Millions have overdosed on the drug throughout the years.  This is probably the most critical aspect – the level of danger to your health cannot be understated.

            Cocaine rehab isn’t alcohol rehab, and it isn’t marijuana rehab.  There is a reason it is classified as a harder drug.  Therefore; for someone to truly understand their own addictions, they should understand with cocaine – it may be a tougher path than you realize.