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Common Causes Of Premature Skin Aging

One of the common trends that have emerged in the last decade is premature skin aging. A person in the age bracket of 25 to 30 years looks like over 40 years due to the aging of the skin. If you are young and you are apprehensive about the premature skin aging hitting you, you should know the exact reasons why such a thing happen and only then can you avoid it. You can have multiple makeup items in your makeup organizer to cover up the skin aging symptoms, but unless you know the root causes and eliminate them, you can never be satisfied within. You can visit cosmetify to get more details about skin aging and remedies.

Exposure To Sunlight – If you are the one who has to work outdoors for the most part of the day, you are likely to have premature skin aging symptoms. If you do not take steps to prevent it, you will look older than you actually are. You are likely to get wrinkles faster than others of your age and it is due to collagen of your skin getting affected due to long exposure to the harmful sunlight. Even the texture of your skin will change rather permanently if proper steps are not taken. You can carry a makeup storage box with a sun screen inside it to protect your skin when required.

Premature Skin Aging

Smoking – Smoking can not only cause cancer but make you look older than you are. Even when you are not an active smoker but you are standing in the presence of the smokers, your skin can get damaged externally. That is why you will find the smoker look more mature and older than people of the same age bracket. Smoking reduces the production of vitamin C which is essential for collagen present in the skin tissues. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin intact and elastic. Due to lack of vitamin C, it starts to break down and wrinkles appear.

The wrong Diet – If you are having oily food every day, the body metabolism will take a beating. If the metabolism is not in correct order, it affects the entire body and skin displays the effects first. The connective tissues of the skin get affected vastly if you take in too much sugar. Lack of enough protein can also make the skin look older than usual. You should avoid sugary products and focus more on low-carb protein-rich foods. You can visit cosmetify for more information of diet, exercise and other treatment and therapies you can do to keep your skin younger than ever.