Compression Gloves – No more Sensitive Hands

Suffering from arthritis can make your hands more and more sensitive, feeling uncomfortable and preventing them to work at their full capacity. Thus, people who deal with the disease no longer have a normal lifestyle. But this can be changed. Without going through invasive procedures, such as surgery and without having to ingest medication, you can relief pain. By using the copper infused compression gloves, developed by the medics and specialists at Doctor Arthritis. These products work wonder by offering support to your joints and the surrounding tissue, by improving blood flow and by removing pain.

Compression Gloves

Doctor Arthritis – a Medical Company

Founded by 2 practicing doctors, this British company developed a range of compression products, infused with copper. Their aim is to help as many patients as possible to improve their lifestyle and have a normal life even if suffering from arthritis.

Doctor Arthritis has a variety of products which target and remove pain caused by various types of arthritis. Compression sleeves for the elbow, ankle, knee and calf, straps and braces for the knee and elbow and of course, the copper infused gloves with compression effects. All of these have been developed after years of helping people suffering from arthritis and with the sole purpose of helping as many as possible have a better and improved life.

The company also provides each of their customers with a doctor written handbook containing useful information of the various types of this condition, treatment options and exercises you can practice to improve the health of your joints and muscles.

Arthritis and your hands

There are several types of arthritis which can affect your hands such as:  rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Dupytren’s contracture and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Each of these conditions can cause sensitivity to your palms and fingers, preventing you to perform daily, common tasks with ease.

When typing on your phone or computer gets difficult, driving feels long and tiring, doing dishes or playing various sports such as tennis or volleyball are no longer easily done for you, it’s time to improve these experiences.

Provide them with a handy and non-invasive support: compression gloves.

They will help you make the most of your hands again. Arthritis gloves will improve the blood flow, keep a constant temperature, will reduce inflammation and most importantly, all of the above lead to pain relief.

So say no to hand pain and joint inflammation and start enjoying the normal life that you were used to and that you deserve.

Forget about sensitive hands and improve their health and the way you feel. With the help of Doctor Arthritis’ copper infused compression gloves you won’t need to try surgery or make over use of medication. Yes, treatment is needed but with the professionally developed gloves your dexterity will improve and so will your lifestyle.