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Dietary Supplements And Their Types

With the improvements in the technology and science, new and improved treatments are introduced. With the treatments comes the dietary supplements and medicines. A medicine which is accepted but supplements will be frowned upon by a lot.

Dietary supplements?

When someone has prescribed the certain vitamins and minerals supplements, it leads to a much conflict among their loved ones. Why is he to take such medicine? Well people, sorry to say this, a dietary supplement is totally different from the medicine. A medicine is to treat the illness whereas a dietary supplement is to improve the already existing health.

Types of dietary supplements:-

Based on the ingredients and composition of the product, a supplement falls under either one of these categories:

  • Botanical or Natural
  • Semi-synthetic and
  • Synthetic supplements.

Botanical supplements:-

These are the supplements which are also known as herbal dietary supplements. They are made of herbs or extracted from the plants or animal tissues even from rocks sometimes. The best example of the herbal includes the Tribulus Terrestris, which is famous among the bodybuilders.

Dietary Supplements

Semi-synthetic supplements:-

The best way to explain this is the making of tea in which the natural tea leaves are got and boiled in hot water then strained for the intake. A semi-synthetic supplement is also made like this, the extract from the natural organic item is converted into a chemical compound using a series of test.

Synthetic supplements:-

Synthetic supplements are the which are purely and simply made of chemicals under a laboratory condition. They are to undergo a series of test and chemical reactions before they are released into the market.

Benefits of dietary supplements:-

When it comes to the medical field all supplements are important. They are all tested and approved by the government before entering the country. All the supplements are proven to show some results and improvements in the health condition of the consumers. They are not medicines, they are more like a booster to the immunity for the body, a prevention of the various disease and infections.

So, there is nothing to worry if you are prescribed dietary supplements, as said before they are as a precaution to ensure the health condition. There are also multi supplements which are said to increase the immunity overall one among them is the Tribulus Terrestris. To know more about it go to