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Highlighting Some Reasons For Premature Skin Ageing

Most people want to look beautiful and skin plays a very important role in making you look beautiful. These days, due to the increased amount of stress, often the skin tends to age faster. People tend to go to the cosmetic surgeons in order to find out a way to look younger. The latest technologies have made it possible to reduce the lines and the wrinkles on the skin, which in turn helps you to get a glowing and a younger looking skin.

There are some reasons that are responsible for your skin to age faster and if you are really interested to know more about those in details, then you can go through the discussion given below:

Premature Skin Ageing

  • Sunlight is one of the most important reasons for premature skin ageing and if you can prevent your skin from getting over exposed to the sunlight, then there is much lesser chance of your skin ageing faster. Apart from wrinkles, if a person’s skin is exposed to too much of sunlight, then there are chances of even dark spots and blemishes to appear on your skin. It is said that the radiation from the sun, has a great effect on the production of collagen. The elasticity of the collagen fibers often tend to get destroyed and they become extremely fragile and rigid with age. The skin whose collagen is destroyed tends to become wrinkled, rough and also thin. In fact the texture of the skin tends to get completely damaged due to the over exposure to sunlight.
  • Smoking is another important reason that can damage your skin especially in the areas, where the skin is thinner. The skin around the eyes and above the lips is especially thin, and smoking often damages the skin completely. It has been seen that the people who smoke, tend to look around 10-15 years older than their actual age. Collagen is one of the most important components of the skin and smoking reduces the production of vitamin C, which further reduces the production of collagen in the skin.
  • Wrong diet is another very important reason for the skin to get damaged. The skin consists of a connective tissue that tends to get damaged by the diet which is rich in sugar and contains less of fruits and vegetables. Protein helps in collagen production and therefore consuming protein rich diet will help you to get younger looking skin.

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