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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Naturally or Using Manufactured Products

A lot of jobs like the ones that will require you to operate heavy machinery or jobs in the medical industry may need you to pass a drug test, most probably. A urine drug test. It can be very stressful if you smoke weed because it tends to stay in your system for a longer time than other drugs.

The company can do a random drug testing, or they can schedule the test either weekly or monthly as part of their routine. Either way, a good plan to beat the urine drug test is essential for long-term or short-term testing.

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Pass a Urine Drug Test Naturally

How long weed stays in your system?

Marijuana components can stay in your system for 30 to 45 days. But it still depends on the user’s smoking habit. It can exceed 45 days if they smoke at least twice a day. It can be out of your system if you only smoked for recreational purposes, once or twice per week.

Another factor that can contribute to your chances in passing a drug test is your eating and exercise routine. Certain foods have a high-fat content that can keep THC metabolites in your system stays longer. It is much harder to digest and tends to cling to the arterial walls of your body.

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits as well as avoiding red meat like lean beef meat or pork and saturated fats can help you get rid of THC in your system much faster. Sweating is a natural way to detoxify your body. Cardio exercises can increase your body’s metabolism. So, if you have a regular exercise routine there’s a big chance that you will quickly get rid of any traces of marijuana in your body.

How do urine drug testing works?

There are ways that you could be tested for any drugs. Your company can give you an advance notice of an appointment set every week or month for drug testing.  Your best bet is for you to have some time before undergoing the test. It will give you some time to plan and prepare.

It is best if you stop smoking at least a week before testing, but most companies will do an unannounced pee exam, that will only leave you a few hours’ notices. That is why it is necessary to plan ahead of time. Another issue is the process of the test.

A lot of companies will do the urine exam on-site, to not give their employees a lot of time to fake the test. Other company will send their employees to the testing centers or laboratories. Sending employees to the testing sites are very common because it is less costly and it does not disrupt the operations of the company.

If you experienced testing on-site, you should carry supplies to pass a urine exam with you all the time, either you put in on your locker or in your backpack. When your company chooses to do off-site tests, you will have enough time to stop at home and gather everything you need or drink a detoxing agent. Some companies give their employees gives some time to complete the piss exam.

Since pot or marijuana is starting to be accepted in most states, companies know that there are employees who smoke weed, but they are required by the government to test their employees for safety purposes. Because of this, most companies allow their employees a little leeway, like posting memos to remind them that a drug test is coming. It also means that they are more relaxed when it comes to supervising the pee exam.

On the other hand, if the company outsourced the test, the laboratories may require strict requirements, even watch you inside the toilet as you pee. You should consider everything when deciding what method, you want to use to pass the urine drug testing.

During the pee exam, it is advisable to urinate a little first and catch the midstream pee. There are times that the first drop of urine contains different kinds of toxins. Midstream catch will make sure that your urine sample is not contaminated.

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How do urine drug testing works

How do detox remedies and detoxification agents work?

There are proven ways to remove toxins or drug components from your system. Some natural remedies can help you clean your body of toxins and substance, but they take time to get the result that you want — methods like exercising, drinking a lot of water, eating healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, or staying at saunas to sweat out all the substance.

These methods, cost less than other ways, but it is not 100% effective in passing a urine drug test. Manufactured detox drinks and solutions the contains a certain amount of chemicals and fluids are more reliable methods and can get you faster results. Both ways, natural remedies, and manufactured products will act as flushing agents to remove THC metabolites from your system. The agents will dilute the THC that may be detected in your urine during drug testing.

How to successfully pass a urine drug test for THC?

Here are some ways to get a negative result in your urine drug testing:

Use manufactured drinks with a detoxing agent

Exercise, and exercise more.

Increase your fluid intake. Water, tea, or fruit juice.

Use products that can dilute your urine.

Use Synthetic pees.

Visit the sauna to sweat out the toxins and substances out of your system.

Use diuretics or aspirin.

How to test clean on drug test using natural methods

Some wonder how exercise can make you pass a drug test. It will take a routine and intensive workout to get the result that you wanted. It will take days, weeks, or even months of exercising to remove the THC from your system. The intensity of your exercise routine will depend on how frequent you smoke and how much you are smoking.

Exercising is also useful to improve your cardiovascular system and raise your heart rate, so that it can pump more blood cells that are not contaminated with THC, through your body. However, working out right before you take the urine drug test is not recommended if you smoked even a little because it won’t remove the toxins in time.

Drink a lot of fluids

Drinking a lot of fluids like water, fruit or vegetable juice and tea can also help you pass drug tests. However, drinking fluid is not sufficient in cleaning your system of THC. It will take a lot of time and liquid to get rid of toxins and substances in our blood. Cranberry juice or any tea are the two most common detoxifying agent used today.