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Is It Safe To Exercise In The Evening? What Are Its Health Benefits?

Finding time for exercise in busy work schedule can prove to be a daunting task. Some people manage to allot time during the early morning, while some find it convenient to perform exercises during the evening. Which is the best time to exercise, morning or evening? Let’s take a look at some points to find the answer.

Those who exercise after work can attain a higher level of fitness?

According to recently released research work, exercising at evening can offer impressive health benefits.

The concerned research was conducted by the University of Chicago’s Clinical Research Centre. Participants (40 of them) belonging to the age group 20-30 were divided into five groups.

The first team exercised at morning, the second one in the afternoon, third in the evening, fourth in the night, while the fifth team did not perform any exercises.

Is It Safe To Exercise In The Evening

Various tests were conducted on all the participants. Researchers found that individuals who exercised in the evening and night showed lesser glucose levels in blood samples. Their thyrotropin and cortisol hormones levels also increased compared to the levels seen in the blood samples of other participants.

Dr. Orfeu Buxton was a part of the research group that conducted this study. He interacted with journalists and shared some interesting details. He pointed out that their study was the first one that focuses on the benefits offered by performing exercises in various timeframes.

He highlighted the point that exercising in the evening may prove to be better as per the study’s results. Body’s metabolism adapts well to exercises.

During the discussion, he agreed that his team was not expecting to see such difference in the hormone levels of participants who exercised in various timeframes.

Perhaps, this is the reason, some athletes show better performance when they practice and perform during the certain timeframe of the day.

Logically, during the morning, the body temperature remains low. This means muscles may remain lesser flexible and colder. So, chances of muscle injury are more while exercising in the morning. This is the reason, trainers urge people to warm up a bit before starting hard exercises in the morning.

It’s advisable to take suggestions from your Personal Trainer before selecting the timeframe for exercise.

Results may differ from one person to the other

Former English athlete Steve Backley’s trainer John Trower interacted with journalists and shared his point-of-view on the issue. According to him, top athletes prefer to exercise in the morning while they allot evening time for the hard graft.  However, this may not be suitable for all people as some people have the energy to perform in the evening while others may feel better to do the same in the morning.

As per results of a study conducted by University of New South Wales, an individual can easily lose weight if he or she opts for cardio exercises during the early morning, before breakfast. This gives a positive start to your day and helps in keeping high mental awareness throughout the day.

Thus, both, evening and morning exercise can offer benefit. Now, it completely depends on the person’s health. One must observe how his/her body reacts to exercise when performed during various timeframes.