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Looking Into the Regulations of HGH in Canada

Bodybuilding has always been a passion for many. They love to toil hard in the gym, trying out all possible exercises and go to any limits to get their desired shape. There are certain steroids available in the market which can cause tremendous muscle gain and growth of the body. Some of these steroids resemble the growth hormones produced in the body. One such hormone is human growth hormone (HGH) secreted from the pituitary gland. This hormone is functional not only in the overall growth of the body but is also involved in the regulation of the several metabolisms. This hormone has been directly used as a steroid for enhancing the growth and performance of the body. There are several modified forms of this hormone available that produces more or less the same result.

The HGH hormone has proved to be highly potent in terms of its effect on the body. Moreover, there have been reports of illegal use of the drug, as a result of which the purchase of the drug has been restricted. However, such drugs can be imported from online suppliers based on the requirements. Different countries have different rules and regulations regarding the drugs. Let us look into those pertaining to the jurisdiction prevalent in Canada.

HGH regulations in Canada

HGH in Canada

The sale of HGH drug has been restricted in Canada. The rules and regulations are similar to that formulated and prevalent in the United States, the UK, Australia and some other countries. It can only be obtained with a valid prescription and should not be purchased for any non-medical reasons. It should be associated with the purview of a medical expert.

Effect of HGH on the body

HGH is designed to fulfill the need of a medical scenario where the person suffers from growth hormone deficiency complications. It might result due to a number of reasons from complications in the hypothalamus to that of the pituitary glands. The drug helps to serve as an alternative to compensate for the deficient hormone and make up for its function.

In adults, the hormone has been found to play a vital role in increasing the length and strength of the bone and prevents the incidence of bone-related diseases like osteoporosis. It also increases the overall lean muscle mass of the body and thus decreases the fat to the muscle mass ratio. It also increases the basal metabolic rate of the body and thus helps in the burning of excess fats and the release of energy from it. The hormone is also important for the growth of brain cells and regulation of its functions.

Why is HGH restricted?

As stated earlier, HGH has been found to be extremely potent in its action on the body. It is also associated with a range of side effects starting from milder ones like nausea, depression to increased cardiovascular, respiratory and reproductive complications. Moreover, the drug has been found to have an addictive effect on the body; many people who have taken this drug have been found to be addicted to it. This increases the incidence of the illegal use of the drug.

For the aforementioned reasons, HGH has been restricted for sale in Canada. However, these drugs can be imported from online suppliers but the authenticity and the effectiveness of the drug are questionable. Therefore, if you wish to use this drug, consult your physician before going for it.