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Medixpharma – A Brief Study

MedixPharma was at one point, an online pharmacy that sold drugs and supplements that helped athletes and bodybuilders gain muscle mass, in addition to cutting fat. This online store, once a dedicated website is no longer active and the only place where we can find information about the site is in Facebook. When it was active, the site received massive number of hits from all parts of the world. At present, though there are people claiming that the site is maintained by some, it rarely gets updated.There are a number of people who have raised questions on the reputation of the company. Back when it was active, the website received mostly positive response from the users. The pharmacy is also well-known for creating their own blends and versions of popular steroids which includes Medix-Bol (Dianabol), Medix-Var (Anavar), and Medix-Pharma HGH, or simply HGH. All these steroids went on to become widely popular ever since its entry into the market. We have made a Medix pharma review to help you understand about this once popular website.



Medix-Bol, popularly known asDianabol, is one of the most preferred steroid around the world, making it one of the most popular anabolic steroids available today. Invented as a performance enhancing drug, it was extensively used by the Soviet Union during the 1940s and 1950s. This popular steroid is also famous for its excellent protein synthesis. It is also known to improve the nitrogen retention in the body, thus helping you build a better muscle mass. Due its potential to develop heavy gains, it is considered to be a bulking steroid that can be used to increase muscle mass and produce significant gains. The working mechanism of this steroid is quite simple – enhanced synthesis of protein in the body, improving the overall muscle definition, and helping you to remain anabolic throughout the steroid cycle. Consumed orally, this steroid, like all its counterparts, may produce some nasty side effects if not used responsively. Users of this steroid claim to have developed a dramatic increase in the blood pressure levels, liver failure and a number of other issues.


Medix-Var is one of the other steroids that was developed by the MedixPharma. Popularly known as Anavar, this steroid is a mild one and is advisable for both men and women. It is well-known for its mildness and water retention properties, thus producing minimal side effects. Anavar is also known as women’s steroid due to its property of not bulking up on intake. Also, unlike its counterparts, this steroid is not powerful. So for those people who are looking for some instant results,anavar is not the best option. A decent diet, together with a strict workout regimen, combined with a responsible use of anavar can yield some serious results.


Medix HGH, which is another version of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) was first developed in the 1950s to artificially produce and enhance the naturally occurring hormones in the body. Medixpharma review suggests that the effects of this steroid has stunned the athletes and bodybuilders, making it one of the most suitable steroid for increasing muscle definition and repairing tissues.