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Most Inventive Dishes from Top Michelin Star Chefs

The Michelin Star is the ultimate standard when it comes to restaurants and dishes around the world. Today the Michelin Star Guide covers over 23 countries in the world and points you to the best restaurants in those countries. Having a Michelin Star means that you will get the best service possible and the best meal possible in that restaurant. The Michelin Stars are divided into three categories, starting with 1, 2 or 3 stars. The 1 Michelin star indicates that it’s a good place to stop during your journey. Thus 2 Michelin star reflects with excellent cooking with first class detour. The 3 Michelin Stars means that the restaurant serves exquisite meals with an exceptional cuisine. Here are some of the most innovative dishes coming from the top Michelin Chefs around the world:

Michelin Star Chefs

  • Kobe and Matsusaka Steak from Dons de La Nature restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo

This dish is prepared by Chef Yoshiji Otsuka whose methods are based on the French cuisine, despite the fact that the origins of the restaurant come from Tokyo. The dish is prepared by using Kobe and Matsusaka beef, which is said to be one of the best beef meats in the world. To slice the perfect beef steak chef Yoshiji Otsuka uses one of the best chef knives in the industry, similar to the ones which can be found at

  • Pigeon with warm foie gras sorbet from Villa Crespi restaurant in Orta, Italy

Italian kitchen is the personal favourite of many restaurant customers. Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo takes the pigeon dish to the next level by combining it with arm foie gras, beetroot, foie gras sorbet, cocoa beans and pigeon leg immersed in Banyuls sauce.

  • Madagascar Chocolate from Mezzaluna restaurant in BangRak, Thailand

This dish is prepared by twin chefs Thomas and Mathias Sühring in Mezzaluna restaurant, which is located at The Dome at Lebua Hotels and Resorts in Silom Road. This desert dish blends great with champagne sherbet.

  • Live Langoustines from Björn Frantzén restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden

The main accent of this dish is freshness. The Langoustines are served on the table while they are still alive and seared with a searing knife only 15 minutes before they are actually eaten. This makes the Björn Frantzén restaurant leader when it comes to serving fresh food.

These inventive dishes cannot be cooked by all chefs. Highly skilled chefs are appointed to lead the inventive dishes. They are often referred to as Celebrity chefs. These chefs are not just cooks, they are considered to be titans of this field. They are global brands like Nike and Apple. There are 107 ‘3 star’ rated Michelin restaurants worldwide. In case you are in the world tour and confused of choosing a restaurant for delicious food, Michelin start rated restaurants are the best choice to get in blindly. Michelin ratings are given to restaurants with proper Michelin recommended taste inspections. Michelin guide is available as iphone app so you can use it wherever necessary.