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Probable Causes Why Teeth Turn Yellow

The biggest turn off in your personality is when you flash your yellow teeth while smiling. It is important to take great care of your teeth from the childhood itself to keep their color intact for the lifetime. It is also vital to understand the causes behind the yellowing of teeth so that you can avoid them. You can visit maxwhiteningteeth to get detailed and useful articles on dental care. If your teeth have become yellow already, you can buy a home teeth whitening kit and restore the natural color of your teeth you were born with.

Reasons For Yellowing Of Teeth

Teeth Turn Yellow

Smoking and Drinking – Smoking is considered to be one of the prime reasons for yellowing of teeth. Cigarettes have tar, nicotine and various other chemicals that pass through the pores of the enamel and stain them completely. If you are a smoker, you should not look into any other reason why your teeth are yellow. There are certain drinks like the red wine that can stain your teeth if you do not wash them after having a glass of drink. Therefore, the next time you drink, wash your teeth thoroughly unless you want to flash your yellow set of teeth in front of everyone only to embarrass yourself.

Your Diet – The foods you eat are highly influential in determining the color of your teeth. There are various foods that you should avoid if you want to keep your teeth color intact. Foods like tomato sauces, berries, vinegar, beetroot, curries, artificial sweeteners and sugar foods and drinks stain the teeth quickly and easily.

Coffee and Tea – There are many professionals who drink cups of tea and coffee every day. It is not surprising to find that they have yellow teeth. Reduce intake of such drinks and get a home teeth whitening kit to bring back the natural color of your teeth. Furthermore, you need to visit maxwhiteningteeth to get tips and techniques for dental care.

Apart from these, there are certain medications like steroids and syrups that are responsible for yellowing of teeth. Discoloring and staining of teeth can also be due to aging and genetically derived. You have to take proper care of your teeth like you do for your skin and hair. If you teeth have stained deeply, home remedies will not work. You should also visit a dentist from time to time to see if any cavity is developing or not and get them fixed immediately.