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Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation, What Is The Relationship?

Breast augmentation also referred to as “boob job” or “beast aug” by patients involves a medical procedure to increase the size of breast or to restore breast volume, especially after pregnancy or weight loss. This medical procedure is done by using either implants or fats to make the breasts more rounded in shape and to increase the natural size of breast. In most cases, people go for this type of surgery to enhance their beauty. And that is why it is grouped as a cosmetic surgery.

Closely related to this kind of surgery is the Rhinoplasty surgery since it is majorly done for cosmetic reasons. This type of surgery involves correcting the shape of the nose. Only a few people go for this type of surgery to correct difficulty in breathing. That is caused by the structural defects in the nose. But most go for it so as to enhance facial accord and proportions of the nose. Also referred to as “nose job”, this surgery can change the following; nasal asymmetry, enlarged, bulbous, drooping, hooked or upturned nasal tip, nose size in relation to facial balance among others.

Doctors who specialize in Rhinoplasty surgery also handle other cosmetic surgeries such as boob jobs. If you want to go for a boob job, seek medical advice from a cosmetic surgeon to enlighten you on the available breast implant options. There are different types of breast implants but mainly silicon and saline. Consult first so as to make an informed decision on which one will work best for you.

Rhinoplasty surgery

Breast augmentation will do the following; enhance your self-image and confidence, improve balance of breast and hip contours, increase projection and fullness of breast. Although a boob job can enhance your breasts in the above ways, there are conditions it cannot correct and they include the following; severely drooping breasts and sagging breasts. If you need o correct them then you will need to have a breast lift together with the augmentation but first consult your surgeon to help you make this decision.

Top surgeons in Sydney know perfectly well how to take one through a successful cosmetic and post cosmetic surgery. It is vital that you only go for the best surgeon to take you through this, because surgery is a very delicate process and once you have it, it cannot be undone. If you are in Sydney and other parts of Australia, here are things to look out for so that you have the best surgeon to handle you.

The top surgeon in Sydney is:

  • Frank about the duration of the effects
  • Will present options if choices are available
  • Outlines the risks as well as the benefits
  • Discusses costs and treatment goals in details
  • Have the best success and client satisfactory rates
  • Fully supports you from day 1 until the day you have completely recovered

Generally, the top surgeon in Sydney is one who is certified by the Australian and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The qualifications, skills and expertise are vital for providing the client with surgical and nonsurgical techniques. Since breast augmentation and nose job surgeries are aimed at improving ones physical appearance and self-confidence, it has to be done by the best surgeon so the best is achieved and that’s why you need to know how to find the top cosmetic surgeon in Australia.