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Step by Step Guide to Waxing

Some women find Bikini waxing to be a simple process while others have a hard time going through the procedure. It is critical to be aware of the surrounding environment irrespective of the attitude you hold towards waxing salons. Try to identify if any elements that can raise red flags concerning the cleanliness of the facility. A conventional Bikini wax uses warm wax to remove unwanted hair from the Bikini region. It extends below the belly button and along the thighs to any area that can expose hair whenever you are wearing a Bikini.

Moreover, other people remove the pubic hair for hygiene, fashion, cultural, and aesthetic purposes. The responsibility of waxing is done by a cosmetologist in a salon even though you can still find home kits. It’s wise to decide beforehand what you desire in a bikini wax. The market has various styles including the Hollywood, and Brazilian (Sphinx) among others.  Waxing from a salon that does not impress high hygienic standards can lead to ingrown hairs, burns, rashes, among other severe infections. Just make sure that the waxing center operates in a clean environment.

Step by Step Guide to Waxing

At the Reception

The moment you step at the door of the salon can teach you so much. Take a keen look at their waiting area and products. Can you see some dust on the shampoo bottles? Are empty glasses and magazines strewn across the lobby? This can tell you that some issues behind the scenes require some form of tightening. The first impression is critical whenever you visit a waxing center. Some of the good indicators include informative and friendly receptionists who request you to fill new customers questionnaires, ask questions about allergies, skin sensitivities and other health issues. You also want to see a tidy and neat display of products.

Inside the Waxing Room

After meeting the professional who will be waxing your Bikini area, make sure you ask as many questions as you can be including after-wax care, potential side effects, and the wax procedure. These questions will help you to evaluate their knowledge and don’t hesitate to back out if she cannot answer all your questions. Also, ask questions pertaining to her licensure and certification. You would rather risk offending the aesthetician that sustain an uncomfortable infection or rash. Remember the area she will be attending to is very personal. Look around the room to see if the equipment is clean, reasonably new, and well organized. The table should have a clean table sheet and all disposable supplies such as strips and sticks must me well sealed in containers.

  • During the Procedure

The waxing professional should never try to double dip and he always has to put on gloves. The term double dipping refers to the situation in which the cosmetologist keeps on dipping the same applicator or spatula in the tub that has warm wax before reheating the same wax in preparation for the next client. The waxer should either get a new disposable spatula for each client and dump it each time she dips in the palette. Try and visit salons castle rock and you will have a clear picture of what I am talking about.

  • After Waxing

Don’t expose your skin to any irritants up to 24 hours after the treatment. This could be spraying or applying deodorants on the waxed surface, using perfumed soap, hot tubs or tanning, and hot shower temperatures just to name a few. You could also request for a pair of disposable panties if they make you feel more comfortable.