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Steroid Dosages And Reviews Among Users

Steroids are always supposed to be handled carefully and the user who intakes the steroids will have to be reviewed continuously. But many of these practices are not followed anymore. Many users casually use steroids for weight loss, body building and for many another purpose without proper consultation or consideration. Most of the steroids are recommended to be taken along with medical guidance but this is not always possible because most of the times, these steroids are used only for the non-medical purpose. In these cases, at least the user should do a thorough analysis of what product is been consumed and what effects the body can expect.

Steroid Dosages

Famous Deca and what it claims?

DecaDurabolin is one of the famous steroids that are in use for almost a decade. This comes under strong anabolic steroid category and is used by athletes for extreme performance and strength. Many users and weightlifters prefer Deca and it holds a special position among users in the healthcare industry. The main preference for this is given because this has less estrogenic side effects and helps in cutting fat muscles and promoting muscle mass and strength. Some of the estrogenic side effects like bloating, water retention and increase in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. These are minor effects but could lead to many complications. These symptoms and effects can be avoided if Deca is taken in the proper course. Recommended dosages for athletes are from 200 mg up to 400 mg per week and this can be increased as period goes. Also, users stacking up Deca with any other steroids will have to be doubling careful because Deca by itself is a strong anabolic drug. This can safely be combined with any mild drugs such as Clenbuterol or Anavar and used. This drug can be used both in cutting and bulking cycles when stacked up with correct options.

Most sought drug by athletes

As seen, this is ranked as the 2nd most famous and sought after drug among athletes and bodybuilders. This drug proves to build an intensively strong muscle system and promote muscle mass. Since this is an oral anabolic drug, there are less chances of this drug impacting liver. This is also connected with the bone development and accumulation of lean mass in athletes. Also, this drug is said to promote an increase in red blood cell count that would help the users to recover from any injuries faster and also provided longer and flexible workout periods.

Word of caution and recommendations

Though many professionals use dosages of 200mg up to 400mg per week this is considered extremely high in ratio. Ideal started ratio can be from 50-100 mg per week, for experienced the first told dosages would suit, but if there are stacking Deca with any other drugs these dosages will have to be revisited. Deca is very famous and most sought after drug and hence can be purchased worldwide with a valid prescription. However, if a user wishes to buy this online he can opt for this without a prescription too. Thus, this strong anabolic steroid will give wonders if used properly as prescribed.