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Strength Of The Mind, Body, And Soul


Strength as a whole has been something that we humans have always strived for. Whether it be in the realm of physical or mental strength, it does not really matter. What does matter is the satisfaction and the recognition of that said strength when it is expressed. It is something very invaluable and cannot be understood, studied, or theorized but only felt and experienced. The early primitive man and woman, relied on their brute physical strength to basically survive in the wild as survival was the basis of operations for everyone in those days over say getting a law degree. Shocker? Not really.

Basic physical strength allows for a vast array of potential both at your current times as well as in the future for yourself. Do you really want to be that old lady or old man that needs someone to assist you in everything you do or not being able to pick your grandchild from the floor without having a fit of lower back pain or cramps. Simply put this was all your doing. If you had just avoided some meaningless soaps everyday night on your couch with a tub of popcorn or some potato chips and trained a bit at the gym, this would be a completely different story.

Exercising does not have to be for general health alone, it can also be for pregnant woman, people recovering from a prostate cancer surgery such as the Kegel exercises and strength training for a sport like the Olympics.

Mind, Body, And Soul

The Art Of Picking Things Up

Physical strength can be of the very basic things and is very hostile and dogmatic about complication of the said simple systems that is strength. Take the Kegel exercisesfor example, they are simple tensing exercises of the pelvic muscles in order to strengthen them and to stop problems such as incontinence and other such problems that would otherwise require a scalpel and bunch of professionals with medical degrees. This is a natural way to strengthen those areas that are weak and solve the problem by means of strength rather than using complication as an outlet. And it can also help men improve their sexual prowess, so guys exercise your way to sexual strength, trust me, it is better than cialis or viagra.


Ideally, strength is for everyone who is looking to be, you guessed it! Strong. Understanding that strength is the basis of all human physical activity is one thing and actually implementing it is another thing where one aspect cannot simply get you the other.