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The Reality Of Dianabol- Is It Safe To And Legal?

The androgenic-anabolic steroids are synthetically created in laboratories. There are natural substance in them like testosterones that is found in human body and there is synthetic substance that have similar qualities which are structurally created to provide body muscle boasts in most cases.

Anabolic steroid Dianalob is one of the oldest known steroids that is available in the market. It contains methadrostenolone and has been the first ever steroids developed apart from methyltestosterone which was an oral steroid.

The work of androgenic mechanism was first synthesized in the year 1934, and the first effects of them on athletes were seen in 1938. It develops muscle mass and body strength which improved the body performance by many folds. Dr. John Ziegler changed he the world of steroids by developing Dianabol in the mid of 1950’s. It showed the impact on the body when the Soviet Union athletes could perform way better than anyone in the Olympic that year. USA investigated the issue only to realize that the level of testosterone in their body was way higher which improved their physical performance leading to the development of steroids which would have the same effect on human body.

The Reality Of Dianabol

How does Dianabol works in the body?

The androgenic mechanism in which the steroid is made gives it more power than other steroids. Dianabol is methylated with carbon elements in its molecular structure.  Carbon 17-alpha structure in added with one methyl group and this process is known as c17- Alpha Alkyalation. It is done to ensure that the drug reaches in maximum number to the bloodstream. The drug also becomes strong to survive the process of liver metabolism when they are taken orally. They reach the blood stream in an unadulterated form which allows the drug to work on the body immediately. Most of the oral drugs fail to do so as they are denatured by the liver metabolism and are unable to provide any measurable effects. There is a double bond between carbon atoms at 1 and 2 places which reduces the androgenicity which is not the case in other steroids.

What makes Dianabol effective?

It is a testosterone which is modified chemically to provide human body more strength, this ensures that the androgencity of the drug is reduced and there is no side effect which is common with many drugs. The Dianabol does this by preserving the effects and not allowing the human body to get affected by any negative impact. Even with the changed androgencity the drug with the help of the chemical modifications are able to maintain the adrogenic activity than other testosterone.

The adrogenic mechanism because of the nature encourages the use of Dianabol orally. The drug is also available in injectable form it is not required as the blood survives the metabolism and reaches the blood stream.

Due to the effects and the absence of androgencity Dianabol is highly popular in athletes. Other enthusiasts who see body building as important are often seen using this in addition to workouts.