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Trenbolone- Side Effects- Veterinary Steroid For Gains

Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid which is graded for veterinary purpose. This steroid is not designed for humans use but is manufactured in underground labs is used by many people. Many bodybuilders use Trenbolone and combine in with many popular steroids and most common seen forms are Trenbolone acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate. Few other common varieties include 17 beta acetoxyestra-4, 9-11-trien-3-one, Progro T S, Trienbolone, Finaplix.

Trenbolone acetate was basically used for cattle and in other veterinary purposes.It is popular as growth promoter and was called as food additive. When trenbolone is consumed, it increases the muscle mass of a person and promotes weight gain. This steroid helps a person increase his metabolism as well as efficiency. Many body builders use this steroid for enhancing their anabolism and also for increasing the catabolism in their muscles. This steroid also helps in developing the muscle size, mass and also strength is increased as well as the power is improved.

The studies of Trenbolone are done on animals and this was not designed for human consumption. Trenbolone was uses were noted in the journals, reports and other researches. Many steroid journals have written about the use of Trenbolone. Tren enanthate is an injectable steroid. Trenbolone effects are also seen in animals during the experiments. This steroid causes the catabolic effect and is seen in the bones as well as muscles. There are few selective androgen receptors which are used for reducing the effects of this steroid Trenbolone. When Trenbolone is misused, by bodybuilders, it promotes gains in muscle mass and the strength, power is also increased.

Veterinary Steroid For Gains

Using Trenbolone Ethanate for gains

Trenbolone is used for animals for increasing the metabolism of the nutrients as well as for increasing the feed. So this steroid was basically designed as feed promoter. While using an veterinary steroid by humans is always risky as it has different ingredients and the manufacturing process is also different. Though bodybuilders do not accept the side effects, its risky to use this steroid. When two people use Trenbolone, their results as well as the side effects can differ.


When it comes to the dosage, many dosage recommendations are given by different websites for Trenbolone. It is stacked with SARM for reducing the side effects. When SARMS is stacked with Trenbolone Enanthate, it will help a person in protecting the loss of muscle and bone, thereby reducing the side effects. It also reduces the risk of polycythemia and also reduces the damage of the prostate gland.The safe and recommended dosage for Trenbolone is not suggested by any experts, as this steroid is not designed for humans. But many body building websites suggest the usage of 100-300mg each week. This steroid has a short like, so it can be used in two or three doses. Trenbolone Enanthate can be used at the dose of 150mg-300mg each week. Any anabolic steroid can cause severe side effects and the side effects of Trenbolone are not positive. Though when these steroids are stacked with SARM to reduce the side effects, its not always successful. It can cause damage to the liver, hormone levels are altered and the metabolism is also effected.