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Unbelievable Good Impacts Of Anadrol

Anadrol is recognized as the brand and trade name for the hormone, Oxymetholone, and this anabolic steroid is one among the most powerful anabolic steroids. This medication was formerly produced to treat anemic patients and with passing years, it is commonly used to aid people to lessen the signs of weight-loss conditions. This drug is hugely effective for increasing the production of red blood cells and it triggers your hunger to a great degree. This anabolic steroid is acknowledged by names, such as Anadrol 50, A50 and A-Bombs. As it can be taken orally, it is hugely popular with the users who hate injections.

This medication is obtainable on the market from the 1960s and the gains from this medication are remarkable especially during the initial 3 weeks. This medication is a derivative of testosterone and it shares similar benefits like methyldihydrotestosterone. This compound does comprise of an additional 2-hydroxymethylene group that is responsible for its enhanced anabolic features. In addition, it is also a C17-aa oral compound and this structural alteration at the 17th carbon permits this medication to be orally consumed. Due to its potency, dosages used by female athletes should be taken very cautiously. Because of this, it is highly recommended that women should go through a physical assessment by a physician before they take this drug.

Good Impacts Of Anadrol

Legal issues of this medication

Though this medication is renowned for its huge effectiveness in treating different medical conditions, yet it can be abused which compels the FDA of the US to class it as a controlled drug. Unless you are equipped with a physician’s prescription you aren’t allowed to use, retain and purchase this medication online. When you are armed with a prescription then it is absolutely legal for you to own this medication. Because of its legal issues, it is tough to get this medication. If you buy this medication from the gym dealers then you run the risk of getting a faked product. The best option is to buy it from the internet armed with a prescription.

Recommended dosages of this medication

As this medication has a short half-life of only 16 hours so it is required to be consumed each day to get its maximum benefits. A proper dosage is extremely important to ward off side effects too. A dosage of 50mg daily is recommended for the male users that should be taken for 4-6 weeks and a break needs to be taken for a similar period of time. For women, a dosage of 25mg per day is sufficient that again should be taken for a period of 4-6 weeks taking equal time off from this drug.

Actually, utilizing this medication that extends a period of 6 weeks isn’t advised and further, it invites the probability of unpleasant side effects too. Sometimes, a progressive user takes a dosage of 100mg per day but this dosage isn’t meant for a novice steroid user. However, it is also true that too high a dosage doesn’t bring any extra benefits to the users so it would be wiser to confine your dosing level of 50mg daily only. The dosages used by female athletes should be taken carefully as taking this medication irresponsibly fetches the risks of developing male features.