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What Is Alopecia And How Do You Get It?

Hair loss is the common problem nowadays and has many reasons behind this problem. One of the many reasons is the Alopecia Areata. This problem is a very common nowadays and generally, causes hair loss on any part of the body. It can be a distressful condition for the one who suffers. But the question remains what it is and is there any treatment? Let’s dig out.

Alopecia Areata

It is an autoimmune disease that affects the hair follicles. When this problem occurs it causes our hair to fall out in small, random patches. This kind of hair loss usually affects the scalp, but it is also the case when it occurs on the other areas of the body. In most cases hair fall out in small or round patches. Some people may only get patches or some may lose their hair.

Cause of Alopecia

The exact cause is not yet known. There isn’t any specific reason behind this problem but the researchers suggest that it is usually the reason for family history. If your family history has the history of autoimmune disorders than it is most likely the chance of having this problem.

The Occurrence

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This problem occurs when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. Sudden hair loss occurs on the scalp or other parts of the body. This condition rarely causes total baldness. The rare condition of total hair loss is known as the Alopecia Universalis. In some people, the hair grows back and the condition comes to normal. But in some people who are having chronic conditions may tend to lose hair and won’t come back to normal.

Who Is At The Hit?

The hair loss in alopecia can occur to any person at any age. It often starts in the childhood and has slightly a high side of the probability of happening if you have any person in the family who has this problem. As the exact is not known, so scientists have come to the point that your genes are the contributing factor here. For those, whose genes put them at the risk they just need a trigger to starts this problem.

Is there any fix?

There is not any treatment that can exactly be said as the treatment. However, the latest technology is always busy to come with the possible solution. There is no such drug or medication that can take this problem down. The specialist may refer you some medication to control the problem, but it can’t be diminished forever. At the end, hair transplant in Dubai is the only resort to get rid of hair loss forever.

How Alopecia affects life?

The effects of Alopecia on the life of a person can be adverse. Though, it is not any a painful or life threatening disease to be scared about. It’s just the appearance that can stress out a person. The worry of not being representable knocks down a person’s self-esteem and he/she is just confined to himself. Social gatherings and professional meeting are affected that can late be a halt in his/her way to success.


The main symptom is hair loss on any part of the body. Hair fall is in small patches or in the form of general hair loss.  A person may experience following conditions commonly.

  • Hair loss.
  • Small patches of baldness.
  • Hair thinning at highest.
  • Random hair falls on any body part.

Best Suggestion for Treatment

The best suggestion is to consult a good doctor who is expert in hair fall and scalp problems. He can guide you better by examining your scalp in detail. The treatment he/she chose for you is better to look forward to. There are many options like wigs or hair caps available in the market that can hide the situation. But not for long. If you are one of the affected of this situation than you need a permanent solution.


The diagnosis also includes revising patient’s medical history. May include some of the following test for blood to check if any underlying health issue is the contributing factor of hair loss.

  • iron levels
  • antinuclear antibody test
  • thyroid hormones
  • free and total testosterone
  • follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormone

The doctor also needs to check if there are any abnormal antibodies working in your blood, if yes, then it’s an autoimmune disorder.

A Permanent Treatment

The only permanent solution for this problem is the hair transplant in Dubai. This treatment is natural and ensures permanent results. The procedure is clear, harvesting your own healthier hair grafts and implanting them to the bald areas. Different techniques are used to deal with different types of hair loss. From the last decade, the technology is taking its course to the next level. Many techniques are now available that are supporting this procedure in many ways.

The technique of FUE hair transplant in Dubai is one of the most innovated forms that has revolutionized the era of surgical hair restoration for generations. The success of this procedure is admitted all over the world and it is already facilitating many people. In this procedure, the healthy grafts in the form of follicles are extracted from the donor area and implanted to the bald areas.

This treatment is far less invasive and scar less than other traditional methods. The beauty of this treatment is that it is applicable to any part of the body, including the scalp, as well as facial hair like eyebrows, eyelashes or beard. So what are you waiting for? Just grab this opportunity today and live your hair loss free life to the fullest again.

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