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What is Laser Hair removal?

And why you should invest! in the long-term

Laser hair removal costs can vary depending on the treatment area and how many sessions you require, there are also various packages you can get for a few areas. According to Dr. Imran from SAL Clinic “We advise you to take 6 to 8 sessions minimum due to lack of visibility in results and for some, you may require more due to specific skin and hair type.” Some lasers do not treat all skin types so you have to be careful with what you pick and choose, Laser hair removal does not work on white red and grey hairs as there is not enough pigment to extract from the hair follicle as laser hair removal method works in disabling the hair follicle when the hair is in resting phase through the melanin and pigment in the hair itself focusing on the root on each session.

What is Laser Hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Takes Time

Through experience, you do tend to see a huge difference in the first session, as the hair naturally drop off and leave your skin smoother than before.With each session thereafter, it will continue to deliver the same results and that’s when the hair percentage will decrease.In time the sessions need to be four to six weeks apart due to the hair cycle and regrowth.The thing with laser hair removal is that some people become impatient with results and seem to drop mid-session which then leaves the hair to grow backand then can lead the patient in the same place prior to treatment starting.

Use The Right Practitioner

Some practitioners will urge you to book in more sessions and worst some can possibly be using the wrong setting on you. Generally, laser hair removal should not be painful, but some complain it is too painful to carry on with.Done correctlyand on the right setting, it is just a temporary sensation that is tolerable.

Side Effects

There are normally a few temporary side effects such as redness, itchiness, soreness, pigmentation, dry skin, (crusting in some rare but obvious cases), however these fade and for some people, redness subsides within 2-3 hours.When having laser hair removal please bear in mind for areas such as the legs and bikini area these will need to room to breathe so avoid wearing tight clothing as that increases the risks of side effects such as redness for a longer period than necessary. Aloe Vera gel works well to soothe affected areas or alternatively consider using ice packs if heat spots occur.The skin will recover naturally and the hair will usually drop out after the first session, always consult your laser practitioner for further advice if pigmentation occurs they could be using incorrect settings on you

In some cases in laser hair removal you may require more sessions this is merely down to the fact that there is still some hairs in which has not cropped up in the hair resting phases between the 4-6 weeks.Do not be alarmed the thicker and courser your hair the more succession rate is higher with laser hair removal.

Top Up Sessions

For your top up sessions, it all depends on various factors.Some people may need one a year, some people may need one every 3 years.However, it does depend on how you look after your skin after the removal process. Sun cream is a must when protecting your skin against free radicals and further damage or causing pigmentation to UVB and UVA rays. After laser treatment, skin can be more sensitive and it is your duty is to protect it from further damage.

In Summary

All in all its a good investment which can saveyou from reoccurring visits every 4 – 6 weeks to the salon.Compare this with the cost of laser hair removal treatment and you will be spending a lot less on laser hair removal than on waxing shaving plucking etc so give it a shot, make sure to take these tips on board and to further consult your local professional for any further questions just remember prevention is better than cure.

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