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What To Expect From Erectile Dysfunction Medication

If you’ve had issues with your erection on a regular basis, the chances are you’ve got erectile dysfunction (ED). Although men over 40 are more likely to experience ED, it can happen at any age and be caused by a range of different things; from a physical health problem, to stress and lifestyle factors like smoking and heavy drinking.

Taking the first step to get help with ED is probably the hardest, but once you’ve seen a doctor and confirmed why the problem is happening, it’s possible you may be prescribed medication like sildenafil.

If you are prescribed ED medication, what can you expect? What does it actually do?

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

You need some sexual stimulation

ED medication does not stimulate your sexual appetite, it just provides the erection. You need some form of sexual stimulation for the drug to work as well, otherwise it won’t work. So be prepared to undertake some foreplay, or get in the mood once you’ve taken it.

What does the medication do?

ED medication increases the blood flow to the penis, by increasing the amount of nitrous oxide in the body. The nitrous oxide then works with other parts of the body to stimulate and increase the blood flow by helping blood vessels to open and the blood to get to the shaft of the penis.

What can you expect?

There are all kinds of urban myths about 12 hour erections, and men going at it for 36 hours, but actually if you follow the instructions to take your medication, and take the correct dosage then you should have a normal erection.

Medication can produce some side effects but your doctor will ensure you take the best medication for you. That’s part of the reason why it’s important you have medication prescribed by a doctor but also so that they can monitor how the medication is working.

How quickly will the medication start working?

Most ED medication like sildenafil starts working within 30-60 minutes. Some can be faster acting. As you need to wait some time, it can be frustrating, particularly as you need be sexually aroused to produce an erection on the medication. Trying to be relaxed is important as this will also help.

Eating a large, high fat meal can also slow down or even prevent absorption of the drug so that’s also something to bear in mind. For some ED medications it’s better not to eat at all before you want to use it, refer to the directions for taking your medication and you should be fine.