Winstrol and Trenbolone: Is it The BEST Stack for Bodybuilders?

Trenbolone and Winstrol are very powerful anabolic steroids that are sometimes used by bodybuilders and athletes. For those who are looking into achieving lean gains and shed fat in a cutting cycle should consider the Winny and Tren E Stack. This is also one way to effectively keep the water weight off. Cycling Tren with Winstrol is a common practice for professional bodybuilders. But you must remember that both of these steroids are not specifically designed to be used especially for the purpose of weight loss and performance enhancement. So if these are not legal for human use, is it still safe? Let’s find out!

Winstrol and Trenbolone

Why Use Winstrol and Trenbolone Cycle?

If you are gearing up for a pre-contest cycle, most bodybuilders believe that a Trem and Winny cycle is the best choice. In bodybuilding, contest preparation will include polishing your look to make it hard, with lean muscle tissues. This cycle may be known to be very effective, though it is not a secret that this cycle has a possibility to cause male pattern baldness especially to those users who are prone to hair loss.

The Best Winny + Tren Stack Dosages

Those who opt to go with the Winny and Tren E stack are using a specific recommended dosage for optimum results.

  • Bodybuilders will often start with 200 mg a week of Trenbolone. Some experienced users who can tolerate the side effects might be going for 300 mg a week. If you are using Trenbolone enanthate, injections should be administered weekly. If you are using Tren acetate, dosages are often split up and injected daily.
  • Winstrol is commonly dosed at 50 mg a day. Even bodybuilders normally follow this dosage amount since taking more than this has an increased risk for side effects without providing a significant gain. Side effects are usually intolerable after 6 to 8 weeks, which is why long-term use is never recommended.
  • Testosterone is usually included in cycles for precautionary measures. When a bodybuilder cycle steroids, the body shuts down the natural production of testosterone. When the user is bulking up, it is normal to take 400 mg a week of Testosterone for it to be effective. If you want to avoid water retention and other side effects, some users would have a minimal dose of 200 mg a week instead.

The Natural Alternatives

Although Trenbolone and Winstrol are very effective products, the reason why other users shy away from these products is that of its side effects. But they did not stop. They started looking for alternatives which can provide them with the same results, but with no side effects. The natural alternatives of Winstrol and Trenbolone are proven to be effective, safe and legal.

Trenbolone and Winstrol are two of the most powerful steroid in the history of bodybuilding. This is why most users will not recommend this stack, especially to beginners because of its harsh side effects which can be life-threatening. You can always visit bodybuilding website and forums to check out what others think about the Winny and Tren E stack.